Common DS-160 form errors description

Below is the list of errors that most US Visa applicants face during the manual DS-160 form completion process. You can easily avoid all the DS-160 errors by registering at our service which fills the form for you automatically.

Session Timed Out

The official explanation for the "Session Timed Out" DS-160 form error is the following: "If there is no activity for 20 minutes or more in the process of completing this online application, your session will expire and all data that you have entered into the current page will be lost". At the same time, most applicants trying to complete the DS-160 form face the error accidentally despite the time spent on the form completion. The "Session Timed Out" error can appear after submitting a form stage, uploading the photo, or interacting with any form elements that issue server requests. The common advice to cope with the error when filling in the form manually is to save the form often and to remember the application ID. When you see the "Session Timed Out" message, the system prompts for the application ID and some of the data you entered at the first form stages. Then you'll be able to recover the application. Of course this can be annoying and take a lot of time as the DS-160 "Session Timed Out" may be seen quite often - some people reported it appearing after every form stage.

Our system handles all the "Session Timed Out" DS-160 form errors automatically.

Application Error

The reason for the "Application Error" of DS-160 form is quite unclear. Sometimes it arises when you copy-and-paste your data into the form. The "Application Error" also prompts for the application ID to recover the session, but after you put the same data into the form, it may appear again and again.

Therefore if you are facing the DS-160 "Application Error" you should try our automated data entry system which uses special algorithms to get round this error.

Unable to initialize. Please verify that all filepaths and license strings are valid.

This is a common error when uploading your photo at the corresponding DS-160 form stage. The error arises randomly and it may appear again and again when you try to re-upload the photo. Some people state that changing browser / cleaning cookies and cache / uploading your photo from another folder may help, but our experience shows that this is a completely server related issue, and most likely you'll be able to upload the photo after trying for a while. Nevertheless, many applicants give up on filling in the DS-160 form after seeing this error for the ...-th time. Our service can help you avoid this error and get the DS-160 Confirmation document fast and without excessive efforts.

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